How To Get Motivated To Tackle Your Home’s “To-Do” List

How To Get Motivated To Tackle Your Home’s “To-Do” List

A new outlook on organization can give you a new, organized outlook on your home and life.

It seems like every day another chore is added to your to-do list. Before you get overwhelmed, get inspired to accomplish everything. Take some time out to strategize and try these helpful, motivating tips.

Ask yourself why.
Try switching your focus from what you have to do ("I've got to clean the garage, move the bikes, get rid of boxes, ugh!") to the reason why you're beginning the project. Concentrating on the why ("I'm cleaning out the garage so I can actually fit my car in here!") can get you excited about the end result.

Do 10 jumping jacks.
You remember these from grade school — jumping jacks are the perfect way to get your blood pumping. Using almost every major muscle group in your body, a quick set of 10 can energize you and help you focus. As always, you should consult your physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.

Prioritize fun.
Spend five minutes in the morning prioritizing your day. It will help you set realistic timelines and make your tasks easier to accomplish. Plus, it gives you the chance to start your day off on the right note by puting the most interesting or easiest project first.


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Call in the reinforcements.
Calling on a good friend to help with one of your least favorite tasks can make the drudgery fun before you know it. Even if it's running errands, you're more than likely to have a friend or two who needs to go to the post office, drugstore or the cleaners. While you're out you can pick up a thank-you card.

Promise yourself a treat.

While the thought of a slice of pie may not be enough to get you to jump at the prospect of washing windows, you may want to ask yourself — and your pocketbook — how much you saved by doing the project yourself. From edging the yard to cleaning out the gutters, you may be surprised to find that your to-do list tasks saved you a nice chunk of money. Whether it's a manicure or a nice dinner out, you deserve a special treat!


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