How to Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Inspired Makeover

How to Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Inspired Makeover

Escape to a sparkling clean, spa-like bathroom with our easy-to-incorporate tips and design ideas.

There aren’t enough hours in your day to finish all the items on your to-do list, much less relax, so a visit to the spa is out of the question, right?

Not if you can escape to a spa-like bathroom in the comfort of your own home with our ideas.

Hear us out. If your bathroom feels very un-spa-like, we have some easy ideas to transform it into a place where you’ll actually want to take a nice, hot bath or shower, and escape the world for an hour (or even just 15 minutes). Discover the secrets that will help your bathroom reach its full spa bathroom potential.

Address the Mess
Dirty clothes on the floor, half-full bottles of shampoo lining the shower and soap scum on the tub, shower doors and sink? To create a more peaceful ambiance, you’ll need to tackle the clutter and grime first. Keep a laundry basket or hamper nearby to store dirty clothes, and sort through all your toiletries and beauty products to weed out expired ones.

Then give your bathroom a deep clean. (Our 30-minute guide will get you through the task in a half hour, tops.) To make the job even easier, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Scrubber to remove built-up grime and soap scum, and Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Spray to clean bathroom surfaces like the sink and toilet.

For more bathroom-organizing ideas (you have to store those Charmin toilet paper rolls somewhere!), check out our helpful tips.

Invest in Soft, Plush Towels
While it might seem like your old towels still have plenty of life left, investing in deep-pile, luxurious towels will instantly give your bathroom a more spa-like feel. Keep a basket on the edge of your tub with several towels rolled up inside, and install a hook on the back of the door to hang a new plush robe. When washing bathroom linens, add Downy Infusions Fabric Enhancer to the load to keep them soft and infuse them with a fresh, luxurious scent.

Incorporate Sweet Aromas
Speaking of scents, certain aromas can help you relax or feel calmer or more energized. Sit a Febreze candle on the edge of the tub or the back of the toilet in the floral-vanilla scent First Bloom, or spray Febreze ONE in Orchid, Bamboo or Mandarin to clean away odors without heavy perfumes.

Let in the Light
It’s amazing how the right lighting can transform a room. And while you probably thought about the lighting design in your living room and kitchen, the bathroom is easily overlooked. Instead of having a single light in the middle of the room, opt for wall lights around the edge for a softer feel. Swap clear bulbs for opaque ones to give a warmer glow. Alternatively, use lower-wattage bulbs for the same effect, and install a brightly lit makeup mirror for when you need a clearer view.

Update the Bathroom Décor
For a more luxurious feel, swap your sheet glass mirror for a framed one to make it a focal point in the room. Add a matching hand wash and lotion by the sink, and voila! Your bathroom is now the ideal place to de-stress and recharge – no spa visit required.

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