How to Keep Your Home Surfaces Shining

How to Keep Your Home Surfaces Shining

Try out these quick and easy cleaning tips to make your home interiors shine.

Nothing says clean like gleaming surfaces, but with kids running around, it can be hard to keep your floors, countertops, tabletops — all the surfaces in your home — looking their best. Use this handy guide to clean multiple surfaces quickly and easily.

First, Unclutter Your Space
The fewer things you have sitting out, whether for display or utility, the easier it will be to keep surfaces clean. Be judicious in what you allow on top of buffets, end tables, coffee tables and countertops. Keep display items such as photo collections and knickknacks to a minimum, and if there's a collection you simply must display, consider buying a glass-fronted case for it. In the kitchen, keep out only what you use several times per day. Remember: A lack of clutter gives the look of clean.

Next, Gather Your Supplies
Gather everything you'll need to tackle the job in one spot or, if you have one, a caddy you can bring with you. Here are the basics:

  • Two types of cleaning cloths: heavy-duty paper towels for tougher cleaning jobs, like the kitchen, and a soft chamois cloth for more delicate surfaces, like wood.
  • A duster for lampshades, the tops of pictures and mirrors and knickknacks.
  • Surface cleaners that do double — or triple — duty, to minimize what you have to carry around. It cleans greasy surfaces in the kitchen, cleans glass on windows and pictures, and sanitizes countertops.
  • Specialty surface cleaners, such as wood polish, and a basin, tub and tile cleaner.
  • A stain treatment.

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Now, Develop a Simple Cleaning Plan
Based on the layout of your house, make a plan that will move you efficiently from room to room, cleaning surfaces in each space as you go. You'll want to make a pass through the more heavily trafficked rooms in your house — the kitchen, family room, hallways and bathrooms — twice a week to maintain that freshly cleaned appearance.

Finally, Take Special Care With Special Surfaces
Certain surfaces in your home require caution when applying cleaning products, so use this brief guide to care to make sure you prevent any damage:


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  • Marble. Because marble is porous and easily stained, immediately wipe up any spills with a soft, water-dampened cloth to prevent stains. Occasionally wash marble with lukewarm water and a soft cloth, and dry immediately. Depending on the amount of soil on the surface, you may clean it using a mild dishwashing solution diluted in water, and then rinse and dry immediately.
  • Granite. Granite is very popular for countertops and vanities because of its hard, durable surface. Like marble, granite should be cleaned with lukewarm water only, or with commercial granite cleaner, to protect the surface luster.
  • Ceramic tile. This beautiful, durable material is used for everything from countertops to floors to shower stalls. Ceramic tile can be cleaned with nearly any commercial cleaner without adverse effects. To be safe, check the product label before using.
  • Hardwood. Use a neutral pH wood cleaner and water, or a manufacturer-recommended product, to keep your hardwood surfaces looking lustrous.
  • Laminate Flooring. Because the surface of this product is so compact, the manufacturer says a regular light sweeping or dusting, combined with an occasional damp mopping, should be all this flooring needs to look its best. Soaps and detergents are not recommended, as they may leave a film.

Although it may not be as deep down as a house-clearing scrub down, keeping your surfaces sparkling will give you a sense of cleanliness and also prevents germs from spreading around the house.

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