How to make party cleanup easier

How to make party cleanup easier

See how to make cleaning up after a fun party easier with our simple, useful tips.

By: Alejandra C.

Nobody wants to miss out on a celebration where you know there will be an abundance of good food and great Latin music. The part that ends up not being so much fun is when you bid your guests "adiós" and a look around reveals that everyone had an excellent time, but that it's now time to clean up.

Of course you don't want to put off doing tomorrow what can be done today. Just know that cleaning up doesn't have to be a monumental task to be conquered all on your own. Recruit the help of some family members and get to work together!

Before the party, never after: Don't wait until the party's over to go running around looking for everything you need to clean. Have supplies on hand, such as brooms, a dustpan, gloves, trash bags, trashcans, paper towels, and enough Charmin toilet paper. Prepare to combat bad odors caused by trash, food waste, or cigarettes, with air fresheners such as NOTICEables, by Febreze, which you can place strategically around your house. To avoid spending hours trying to scrub stuck-on food off pots and pans, let them soak in water with Dawn Platinum Power Clean and the work of cleaning them later will be much easier.

Don't let stains ruin the fun: When the party is going well, we Latinos don't want to stop for anything. It's not unheard of for people to dance and dance, and in between those dances, spill a drink or two. Take care of spills quickly to avoid stains by simply soaking them up with Bounty with Dawn paper towels, which are made especially for deep cleaning. Afterward, blot a little warm water on the spot and dry it again by dabbing with paper towels.

The place you choose also matters: Outdoor parties are nice because they avoid the problem of a big mess to clean up indoors. If you organize a party on the patio, for example, it'll be much easier to clean the area than it would be to clean the carpet or floor inside. Allow guests to use the bathroom, but politely remind them that the party is outside when they're finished.

Disposable items are your friends: There's a wide variety of disposable cutlery, plates and cups that are glamorous enough to give a special touch to your party. Best of all? You don't have to wash them! Cleanup is simply too much work if you have a long list of invited guests, and if you have to wash dishes, that would be an unnecessary burden to do so for that many people.

Of course, after having danced, eaten, shared unforgettable moments with your guests, and almost finished cleaning up, what you should leave for last is cleaning the floors. Make the work easier with Swiffer and put a final end to the fun with sparkling floors and a smile on your face. Well done!

What part of cleaning up after a party do you least look forward to?


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