How to Organize a Closet for the Spring

How to Organize a Closet for the Spring

Create more room and get organized by weeding out your clothes.

Get a clean, organized closet with these six simple steps.

Step 1. Remove every item from your closet and make four piles: items you want to keep in your closet for the upcoming season, items you want to keep but are out of season and need to be stored elsewhere, items you no longer want, and items that need some sort of repair.

The Rules of Closet Organization

Step 2. Make a list of the items you no longer want to keep. As you write each item on the list, place it in a box to be donated to charity. Get a receipt when you drop off the items, and attach the receipt to the list you made. Keep the list and receipt for tax purposes.

Step 3. Place the items that need repair in a box to be taken to the dry cleaner or tailor. Place this box in your car so you are sure to drop the items off when you are out. Otherwise, they may still be in need of repair when you are ready to wear them again.

Closet Makeover


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Step 4. Place the out-of-season items you want to keep in plastic storage boxes with lids. Store these wherever you have extra space.

Step 5. Assess your closet while it is still empty. If you need to add organizational units such as shelves and racks, do that before you put your clothing back in.

Health Dangers Hiding in Your Closet

Step 6. Place the items you have decided to keep back into the closet in a manner that makes the most sense to you and how you dress. You might organize your pieces by type, color or style, or you might organize by outfits.

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