How To Organize A Wardrobe

How To Make A Wardrobe Clear-out Feel More Manageable

The task of clearing out your closet can feel daunting and emotional, but here’s how to make it easier.

Be honest: how many times have you opened your wardrobe, pulled out an item as quickly as possible and shoved the door closed again… all while trying to ignore the chaotic state of the place? If you’re like the rest of us, probably more times than you care to admit. Which can only mean one thing: it’s time to give your wardrobe a detox, and not just for the sake of your clothes.

Why we overstuff our closet
The problem? It’s not that easy. How many of us have held onto a Little Black Dress we wore to that roaring office party, hoping it might fit again one day? Or kept the white blazer that makes us feel confident and chic, even though it’s tarnished with a stain we still haven’t got around to removing? Those clothes may be linked to happy memories and emotions and, while it’s hard to say goodbye, it is not good for us to dwell on the past.

Why we should organize our wardrobe
While we’re rightfully emotionally invested in what’s hiding in our wardrobes, there’s a lot to be said for riding our space of the stuff that no longer serves a purpose. Of course, we don’t want to get rid of our most beloved pieces (hello wedding dress!), but an ‘edit’ of our wardrobe can be very helpful. Focusing on what shapes and styles suit you now will only help you feel more confident in the future.


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The hows and whys of organizing your wardrobe
The benefits of de-cluttering are more than just about making space and organizing our lives – it’s about acceptance. Accepting who we are now, and who we were then. It’s time to make space for the new clothes for the new you. Here’s how to do it…

  1. If you find it hard to let something go, take a photograph to put in an album and make a note of the memories related to the item. That way you’ll have a permanent reminder of the past for when you’re feeling nostalgic.
  2. Pass them on to your daughter/granddaughter/friend/niece/someone you love – this will give the clothes a new lease of life with another person and you the pleasure of seeing them worn and loved once again.
  3. Follow the basic rule – get rid of things you haven’t worn for a year or so. No excuses!
  4. Focus on building your wardrobe around those styles and colors that suit you now and chuck everything else.
  5. Plan a shopping trip to buy key pieces for your new, improved wardrobe.

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