How to Organize Children’s Closets

How to Organize Children’s Closets

No monsters allowed: Keep clutter out of your kid’s space.

By: Julie Christensen

Make It Kid-Friendly
Most closet systems aren't made with a child in mind. If your child can't comfortably reach hangers and bins, she's not going to put things away. Buy a system that can be customized instead. Hang most clothing and use metal roll-out bins for socks, accessories and underwear.

Cull Unnecessary Items
Because growing children need new clothes almost every season, the amount of clothing in their closets quickly becomes overwhelming. Go through closets at least twice each year to remove clothing that doesn't fit anymore. If you've got younger children, box the items and store them for later use. Otherwise, get rid of those clothes! Give them to a friend or donate them to charity.

Involve Kids
Kids are more likely to maintain a clean closet if they help create it. Ask for your child's input when choosing an organizational system, suggests Washington D.C. professional organizer Rachel Strisik. "When kids help with the organization of their closet, they feel a part of the solution versus being told what to do," Strisik says.

Set Realistic Expectations
You've spent several hours organizing your child's closet, and it looks perfect – straight out of a magazine. Enjoy it while it lasts. Kids are kids, and even the most efficiently organized closet won't stay that way for very long. Expect messes. Plan to spend a few minutes each week with your child, depending on his age, reorganizing and tidying up. If you regularly maintain the closet, it will stay reasonably clean if not picture perfect.


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