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10 Last-Minute Things to Do Before Moving

Use this checklist to remember important tasks before (and on!) moving day.

Moving day is nearly here! You’ve packed up the boxes, said farewell to your neighbors and signed all the paperwork. A new life beckons, but before you close the door on your old home, work through this handy moving checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important in the hustle and bustle of moving day.

1. Put Your Essentials in a Safe Place
First things first – put your wallet, phone, car keys and new house keys somewhere safe where there’s no chance they’ll get lost, packed or locked in the house you’re leaving.

2. Pack a Small Box of Essentials for Every Family Member
Include pajamas, a blanket and pillow, a washcloth, and toothbrush and toothpaste. If you have kids, pop in some of their favorite snacks, age-appropriate technology and one or two books. This way, all the essentials for the first night in a new house are stowed conveniently, and you won’t have to search for a toothbrush or a pillow when you want them most.

3. Pack a Box of Cleaning Supplies for Your New Home
If you can, arrange to get to the new home earlier than the movers so you can do a quick cleanup before the boxes and furniture are unloaded. Pack a Swiffer Sweeper and dry cloths and a Swiffer WetJet to thoroughly clean the hard floor surfaces. The previous owners may have already cleaned, but quickly wiping down the bathrooms and kitchen will give you peace of mind. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Spray and Bounty paper towels are great for that task.

4. Pack the Coffee Maker!
Plus, mugs, coffee, soft drinks and snacks in a small box so you can rehydrate when you get to your new home. Unpacking always goes better when everyone has a drink!

5. Organize an Online Grocery Delivery to Your New Address
Avoid a big shopping trip by having some basics, like bread, bananas, milk and eggs, delivered to your new doorstep. You’ll avoid a big grocery store trip right away – plus, you may not even know where the nearest store is!

6. Read the Gas and Electricity Meters
You’ll be up to date on your usage and can inform the appropriate providers.

7. Do a Quick Last-Minute Check of Your Old Home
It’s easy to forget items left in cupboards, closets or storage spaces, especially if you have kids or pets! Do one last search through the home before you head out.

8. Speed-Clean the House
That last cleanup is so much easier when everything is boxed, and with the right tools it shouldn’t take long. Quick cleaning tip: Swiffer 360 Dusters will help you trap and lock dust from lots of different surfaces.

9. Take a Final Photo
Remember to take a couple of final selfies in front of your old home! It’s a time to look forward, not back, but a fun and happy photo will help you remember your old stomping ground with love and affection.

10. Leave the Keys with a Card
You had no idea how many doors the house had – until you needed to find the keys for all of them! Collect them up and label them – and then leave them on the kitchen counter for your home’s next family with a good luck card. It’s a helpful and kind gesture that will be greatly appreciated. Take a final walk around the house and spray Febreze AIR in every room so the house will smell fresh the first time they walk in the door. Deep breath, shoulders back and out the door – hello, new life!

What are your best helpful tips for a stress-free moving day? Share your thoughts below!

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