How to Tidy Up in 5 Simple Steps

How to Tidy Up in 5 Simple Steps

Greet guests for your party by opening the door to a spotless house. Find the 5 steps to make it happen.

By: Marisa R.

The best way to spend the holidays is in the company of family and friends. Our house fills up with colors and life, people, food and gifts. And for this great day your house has to be ready. For that you have to plan ahead.

1. Pick up. For that day you want a nicely decorated, clean and tidy house. Start now to tidy up the places where your guests will be, take out what you no longer need, throw away what you don’t use and reorganize the bookshelf that is driving you crazy because it has everything but books.

2. Clean up. Once your house is organized you have to clean it, dust, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms. What’s best for bathrooms and tile or laminate floors is to clean them with Swiffer Wet Jet. It’s super easy and fast, you mop and get rid of stuck grime, you reach everywhere; all in one little machine. It is perfect.

3. Decorate. With the house already clean and tidy, it's time to play carols and start filling up with festive spirit. Set the tree up and decorate your house in general; some little details in the hall, in the living room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. The front of your house is also very important.

4. Plan. Already infected with December’s joy, plan the table decor and, most importantly, the dinner. What are you going to serve? What dinnerware and cutlery are you going to use? Do you have a set of tablecloth and napkins with December themes? Are you going to put centerpieces? How many guests are you going to have? Consider everything, including the needs of the elderly and children.

5. Celebrate the big day. On the morning of this big day there are details to finish, more than at few. You have to give the floors a little sweep with the Swiffer Wet Jet, shake, set the table with all the details, and check that the dinner is going well. In the afternoon, take a bath, dress up and make yourself pretty. The important thing now is to enjoy the family and the moment. Your house will help to make this party an unforgettable moment.

What causes you the most stress when hosting a party?


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Very good ideas.

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I would love a spotless house but have kids husband and 2 dogs your house never looks like that picture: )

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Being realistic is so true HoneyB223! Great tip to spritz bathrooms and kitchens for that just cleaned smell, too!

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Cleaning is easier said than done I don't own a Swiffer. I just had 2 surgeries. My house is a mess. When I read how easy cleaning up is I am still using a big mop etc. I am tired my house is dusty. I am trying but I don't want any company over. If I had reach ok. I don't any more I am embarrassed!

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BE REALISTIC! As a Mom with 3 kids, my house will never be completely spotless but it will look and smell CLEAN! Keep a bottle of bleach water ready all the time and spritz bathrooms and kitchens before guests arrive!!

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