Making Cleaning More Efficient

Making Cleaning More Efficient

Pro tips on how to shave time off your routine.

By Jenna Birch

Put Your Wallet Away
The more cleaning products you buy, the more time you’ll spend reading the labels and questioning which to use. Keep it simple and keep it multi-purpose. ”Don’t overbuy,” says cleaning and organizing expert Jennifer Ford Berry, author of the “Organize Now!” series. “Use natural products like vinegar and water when you can, too.”

Mom’s Tool Belt
Dad may have a tool belt to tackle his least favorite tasks, and mom should have one too. “Always wear an apron,” says green-cleaning expert Leslie Reichert, author of “The Joy of Green Cleaning.” “That way, you have all your tools with you and you aren’t retracing your steps."

Keep it Together
If you have to head to three different locations to get your vacuum, duster and mop, you’re wasting valuable time. Keep it all in one spot. “Or just have all your cleaning products in a caddy and bring that caddy from room to room,” says Reichert.

Create Routines
If you know exactly what you’re doing, you can clean for just a few minutes a day during your spare time. “Make each day a different clean,” says Ford Berry. “Monday is laundry, Tuesday is bathrooms, Wednesday is dusting, and so on.”


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Think in Circles
Do you have a haphazard method of attack, moving back and forth and sweeping over parts of the room you’ve already covered while missing other key areas? “Work in a circle when you are cleaning a room,” says Reichert. “Pick a point to start, and work around the outside of the room in a circle. Then move to the center of the room to finish.”

Overhaul at Key Times
Ford Berry suggests setting aside some serious time for cleaning just a couple times of year, when you know life is about to get hectic. “Give yourself a thorough, clean sweep of the house before a busy season,” she says. “I do this right before summer and right before the holidays. That way, I can just keep doing quick tweaks throughout the season.”

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