Move-in Ready or Fixer Upper?

Move-in Ready or Fixer Upper?

Are you a risk taker or a ¡qué flojera! kind of girl? Let’s see which house option suits you best.

By: Flor L.

Buying a Fixer Upper


  • You can customize and design it to your liking.
  • You can get a better price per square foot.
  • You can find a home in the community of your dreams for a lot less.
  • You end up having a new home with lots of history within its walls.
  • Your home will have personality, what people like to call character and charm.


  • Repairs may take longer than expected. If you get a quote for a few months, plan for a little longer just to have some wiggle room in case of delays. Keep this in mind especially if you are planning on living in the construction zone.
  • If you purchased an older home, keep in mind that you might have to budget for more expensive repairs like plumbing and piping. Make sure to get the property inspected before actually purchasing it so you know what to expect.
  • If you and your partner do not have the same style, be prepared for the battle to come.

Secretito: Try to hire people that are serious and come recommended. Talk to friends and acquaintances that have flipped houses in the past. You wouldn’t want to have a bad experience because you hired an unreliable contractor.

Buying a Move-in Ready Home


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  • You don’t have to deal with builders, dust and construction overall.
  • Moving in itself is stressful, so if adding on or repairing/designing a new home on top of that appeals to you, great! If not, then a move-in ready home is your best bet.
  • Plumbing systems, support beams, air conditioners and other critical areas of the home are often in better condition.
  • If the community is newer then the families may be younger. If you have children, this might be a better option for you. It will give your kids friends to play with nearby and other families in the area might share the same interests as you.


  • You will pay a higher price per square foot.
  • You may find yourself leaving an area that you like in order to have the house that you want at a price you can afford.
  • Generally, newer homes are all the same, cookie-cutter homes, lacking personality and character.

I hope these tips help you when decision time comes.

I have personally made a monumental renovation at home, and I don’t think I would do it again for another 15 years! I love my home, but this type of work leaves you exhausted.

Do share photos from your renovation or new home! See you soon amiga!

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