Organization Basics: Pegboards

Organization Basics: Pegboards

Bring order to every room with pegboards — your new go-to organizer.

Looking to contain clutter for good? Turn to pegboards — the solution to nearly any storage dilemma. Check out these tips for buying, painting and hanging these perforated panels, and then discover seven ways to put them to work.

Buying, Painting and Hanging Pegboards
First and foremost, identify where you want to hang pegboard(s) and take measurements. Look beyond walls — they’re an effective, creative way to use the backs of pantry, cabinet and closet doors and the unused surfaces inside them, too.

Once you’ve assessed your spaces, it’s time to get to work!

Buy It
You can find pegboards and their accessories at your local home improvement store. Let the items you want to organize dictate the weight — the heavier they are, the sturdier the pegboard should be. If you can’t find the exact size you need, ask an employee to trim it for you.

Paint It
The neutral brown fiber feels just right in a garage or shed, but a quick coat of latex paint gives pegboard a decorative edge. Paint it the same color as the wall for a seamless look or go bold with high gloss paint in an accent color.

Tip: To prevent paint from clogging the holes in pegboard, apply it in thin layers. Before it’s completely dry, dislodge any blocked holes by pushing a thick nail through them.

Hang It
Hang lightweight pegboard with wall anchors. For heavier boards, make a frame from 1-inch-by-2-inch pieces of wood (furring strips) first. Mount the frame to studs, and then screw the pegboard to the frame.

Organizing with Pegboards
With the right accessories —like hooks, wire baskets, shelves and bins — pegboards help bring order to any space.

Streamline Your Entryway
Outfit your pegboard with two wire baskets, one for incoming mail and another for outgoing, as well as hooks for keys, dog leashes and other everyday items. Stretch a bungee cord across the hooks for magazines and newspapers, too.


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Gather Kitchen Gear
Hang pots, pans, colanders, measuring cups and other must-have cooking and baking tools from hooks. Painted a pretty shade, it doubles as kitchen décor.

Tidy Craft Supplies
Slide spools of thread over hooks, keep art supplies separated in small containers and file decorative paper in bins.

Tip: Not in love with any of the pegboard holders you’ve come across? Paint mini metal pails in your favorite color, and then hang the handles from hooks.

Wrangle Household Must-Haves
Position a shelf near the top, out of a child’s reach, and line it with your favorite home care products. Add hooks for floor-cleaning tools, too.

Corral Sports Equipment
Rest tennis rackets, hockey sticks, helmets and other gear on hooks; slide the loop of a large mesh bag over a hook to hold baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls; and place a crate underneath for muddy footwear.

Organize Workspaces
Put your calendar and clock in plain sight on hooks, arrange reference books on a shelf and fill jars with office odds ’n’ ends — glue the lids to the underside of a shelf to conserve space.

Tip: Help keep kids organized, motivated and focused on learning with their very own homework station, complete with a colorful pegboard.

Store Jewelry
Frame a small pegboard and fill it with hooks for bracelets, necklaces, rings and dangly earrings so they stay free from tangles.

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