Harmony and Me: Getting Organized With Flowerpots

Harmony and Me: Getting Organized With Flowerpots

Organize in every room of your home with simple flowerpots of all sizes.

I resisted all attempts to declutter until my sister left two dozen empty flowerpots at my door.

Let me explain.

I am organizationally impaired. Or so I have been told by former roommates, spouses, employers and various delivery drivers. Things tend to pile up wherever I go – bills, dishes, overdue library books and clothing that refuses to take itself to the dry cleaner. I'm not a hoarder by any means, but let's put it this way: If you come to my house, you'd better step carefully if you don't want to walk on a tuna sandwich.

Well-meaning friends have sent me articles about decluttering, which I simply added to the stack. Neighbors have dropped plastic storage containers on my doorstep, rung the bell and hid behind the bushes. And one persistent Pollyanna even gave me an hour with a professional organizer as a birthday present. Before the hour was up, the organizer vanished behind a pile of laundry, never to be heard from again.

I was resistant to all attempts to declutter until my sister left two dozen empty flowerpots at my door. At first, I thought it must be a mistake. My thumb isn't green. It's yellow. I suspect I have a vitamin deficiency. Then, I read the magazine article tucked into one of the pots. "Organize with Flowerpots!" Really?

The first thing I noticed is that they were glazed (easy to clean), lightweight and in a variety of sizes. According to the article, the pots could be used in every room in my house. I started with my bathroom, a veritable museum of hair products, skin creams and cosmetics scattered over every surface, including the top of the toilet. Trust me, there are places you do not want to drop your mascara! With that in mind, I placed three flowerpots on top of the toilet, each with its own little saucer, and filled them with my beauty arsenal, including my hot iron. Et voila! My bathroom was transformed.


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Next, I tackled my hot mess of a work station. Yes, I have file cabinets and shelves galore, but somehow everything ends up in precarious piles. No wonder it takes me an hour to find my reading glasses. Never more! All my glasses are now in a small flowerpot. In a larger one, I've got scissors, rulers, tape and my magnifying glass. (Readers only get me so far.) I set aside an extra large pot for unpaid bills, which I usually marinate a week or two.

Then it's onto the bedroom, where I fill a flowerpot with baubles, bangles and beads, tossing rings into the saucer under it. Earrings? No problem. I hang them around the edge of ... what else? A small flowerpot.

The article had many other fun suggestions, including using empty flowerpots to hold napkins, cutlery and turn into an ice bucket. I'm thinking of using tiny ones to hold condiments and larger pots to hold dip and chips. But, wait, there's more!

Contain the Clutter bucket
No matter how hard you try, there are certain items that always seem to get in the way. No longer!

  • Use a large (think decorative here) flowerpot to hold umbrellas right inside your door. They work well for sunscreen and other things you need to grab on your way out the door, too.
  • Make a phone charging station with a wide pot (look for one on the shallow side) that has a drainage hole. Plug the chargers into the wall and bring the cords up through the hole. Plug your devices in and ta-da!

Kids' toys taking over? Toss 'em in a pot! Think dolls, wood blocks, dress-up clothes, miniature cars – just make sure there's no drainage hole if you're storing small toys.

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