Organize Your Home: Kitchen

Organize Your Home: Kitchen

We bring you quick and easy tips to bring more simplicity to your life – in the kitchen.

By: The Daily Clutch

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In this four part series, we bring you quick and easy tips to bring more simplicity to your home.

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“Pantries are a great example of a space that requires some maintenance,” says Janine Adams, professional organizer and owner at Peace of Mind Organizing in St. Louis, Missouri. “Go through them on a fairly regular basis.” This cuts down on tossing out expired items or over-buying.

  • Have what you use the most within reach , while keeping annual items, such as the ingredients for fruitcake, out of the way.
  • “Sometimes it make sense to store items together that you use together. It’s like a kit,” she says. Adams says she’ll have the spices and ingredients for chili, tacos, or other meals in groups so she can grab them and go. This also makes it easier to take an inventory of your pantry so you don’t end up buying items you already have.
  • Create categories according to how you cook . For example, keep the baking items together so you’re not searching through the shelves. As you remove everything from the pantry to reorganize it, Adams suggested putting them in rough groups so you can visualize how to replace them.
  • If you have a deep, closet pantry use the inexpensive short wired-racks to store items along the perimeter and within sight. And don’t forget to attach a rack on the back of the door to utilize that valuable space.
  • If you’re losing space on your countertops, it’s time to prioritize . Make a space for kitchen gadgets you don’t use daily, or find a new home for them.
  • There’s nothing more frustrating than looking in a freezer when you can’t find what you need. Label everything clearly with the contents and the date, and group similar foods together. As you add to the freezer, be sure to rotate the stock so valuable meat and other items aren’t lost below newer foods and never used.

Looking for other organization ideas? Check out the rest of our Organize Your Home series: Kitchen, Entryway, Laundry, Bathroom and Clutter, written by Amy Grisak, contributor for The Daily Clutch.

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