Organizing and Storing Baking Essentials Without the Mess

Organizing and Storing Baking Essentials Without the Mess

Easily store and organize your baking ingredients in a fun new way.

There’s something ominous about large, reinforced paper bags hiding in the backs of pantries. Just by grabbing it in the wrong spot, we could make it erupt a cloud of flour or powdered sugar. The bag could rip. We could drop it while attempting to scoop out the contents even after successfully pulling it from the dark depths of the cupboard. Baking, to some of us, is the kitchen’s version of Murphy’s Law.

We don’t want to spend even a minute having to brush off or clean a surface when we’re baking because, well, we’re baking. Try out these out-of-the-box ideas on organizing supplies renowned for leaving a mess and never fear cleanup again.

Reimagining Your Pantry
Unless you’re willing to shell out some money to get new cabinets or redo your entire kitchen, you’re going to work with what you have. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Doing more with less space is a problem being tackled by numerous furniture and gadget designers. The mantra seems to be to literally thinking out of the box. Using every available square foot of space in your kitchen is both a smart and unique way to store your things.

Have a strip of wall space between the bottom of your cabinets and your countertop? Install a shallow shelf and keep all your spices there for easy access. Have a cabinet with doors on it? Use the inside for hanging your measuring cups and spoons. There are all sorts of little DIY tricks at your disposal to both free up pantry and cabinet space while allowing you to personalize your kitchen.

If you don’t happen to have all that in your kitchen, use wire racks inside deep but narrow spaces to add another layer of usable space.


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It’s Hip to be Square
Although you may love the packaging of certain products, bottles and bags, they often take up more space than they rightfully should. Put larger items like flour, sugar, yeast and other ingredients that come in larger bags into reusable and clear containers. As long as the containers are the same shape, they will fit together in the pantry, allowing you to put more things in there. Use a label maker or make a label by hand to organize one ingredient from the next.

For all the odds and ends, like small jars of sprinkles, you can use something of the same strategy. As opposed to pouring out the contents into reusable plastic containers, place the entire jar in containers and organize containers based on need. Soon, you may find yourself with plastic tubs full of colored sugars, sprinkles, cupcake cups and the rest of your baking accouterments. But now, instead of opening a pantry and having to pick up jars to see the label or reaching your arm in and hoping you can feel your way to the right thing, all you have to do is slide a box out.

The Eye of the Beholder
Keeping a large paper bag of flour out on the countertop can make your space seem messy or cluttered. In addition to looking as if someone forgot to put it away, bags like that tend to throw whatever is inside onto the floor or counter when we try to close it or even just put it down after use.

Enter large, clear containers with airtight lids. These things, in the same vein as the square and rectangular containers mentioned above, can line up on the counter, take up little space and even add to the way your kitchen looks. Tall, thin containers are capable of holding a lot of flour or sugar (or pasta!) and look elegant on a countertop.

We are trained to put all baking ingredients away after using them, but with the right organization and shelving, these ingredients can become a centerpiece to your kitchen.

Get a small wire rack and put all your crushed nuts, extracts and little bottles on it — in plain sight. Use containers as an accessory to your kitchen as opposed to condemning them to the back of the cupboard. What could be better than saving space and giving your kitchen a makeover — and making your life easier — all at once?

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