Organizing Your Casa for the New Year

Organizing Your Casa for the New Year

Take back the reigns and tackle the clutter - from your kitchen to your living room.

Oh hi, I almost didn't see you there. My apologies: the giant disaster area I call a home was blocking the view.

The holidays were a whirlwind, and now that everyone’s schedules are back to normal I hardly have time to button my jeans. (And that’s taking more effort, too! Time to get on my healthy-eating resolution!)

Anyway, back to mi casa. It's less-than-typically-put-together, granted, but I prefer to think of it as well loved … and lived in. So in the coming weeks and months, I'm going to show it even more love; I'm going to take back the reins and tackle the clutter, from the kitchen to the living room to the attic.

Care to join me in Misión: Organización?

First Up: La Cocina
My kitchen did some seriously heavy lifting over the holidays, so it's probably the room most in need of TLC. Immediately.

  • First things first: Clean the dishes, wipe down all surfaces (use a degreaser, if necessary), and wash the fancy cloth napkins.
  • Trash the junk: Once through with basic cleaning, I'm pulling open my cabinets, drawers and pantry, and unearthing all the broken crockery, chipped dishes and dead gadgets.
  • Empty the drawers: Do you have a junk drawer? (No judgment here; I have two!) Time to clean it out. Trash the bad and sort out the good, storing whatever you want to keep in labeled bags or clear plastic containers.
  • Deep-clean the fridge: I wince to even think of it, but it's time to brave the depths of my fridge (and freezer). We have tons of leftovers, so guess what we'll be dining on over the next few weeks?
  • Clean EVERYTHING: Time to break out the rubber gloves, hot water, and cleaners, because it's scrubbing time. I'll be cleaning under the microwave, scouring the fridge, and dusting the pantry shelves.

Next: The Dining & Living Rooms
Our dining room and living room played host to all our holiday gatherings, so they're a little the worse for wear.


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  • Wash, wash, and wash some more: All our throws, pillows, dining chair cushions, and area rugs are going in the wash or to the dry cleaner's.
  • Now, deep clean: Kids with food, overnight guests, and chocolate caliente have all done a number on our sofa. A rented carpet/upholstery cleaner is in my future.
  • Deal with the tree: Sadly, it's time for the tree to come down. My neighborhood establishes a few days in January to send the tree pick-up truck around, so I'll be syncing my tree-disposal schedule to that.
  • Take out the trash: It's not just the tree; the holidays left behind wrapping paper, present packaging, recyclables, holiday cards, and so much more. Toss it.

The Attic, Basement and Garage
I lump my attic, basement and garage into one category because let's be honest: they're storage of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind variety. And while I'll never expect (or achieve) organization perfection, it would at least be nice to walk through the basement without tripping over all my stuff.

  • Trash the trash: I loathe even thinking of it, but before I put back all our holiday decorations and décor, I need to do some basic paring down. I'll carve out at least an afternoon to pull things out, throw away the trash, and donate what we no longer use.
  • Labeled organization: My attic will never be Pinterest worthy, but it'll be good enough, once I buy a bunch of big, plastic organizers, some masking tape, and a fat permanent marker. Like things in like boxes, that's my motto.
  • Go vertical: When and where we can, we're going to hang boxes, bikes, tools, and cabinets, so we can free up some floor space.

So that's my game plan. At least, the first phase of it. Let's touch base again in June. Hopefully, I'll have moved on to my bedroom closets, the kids' rooms, and the bathrooms! (Shudder.)

What are your go-to new year cleaning tips?

Share a room reorganization that you’re proud of in the comments!

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