Our 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for Latin Cooking

Our 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for Latin Cooking

If, like me, you can’t imagine your kitchen without the occasional gadget, check out our favorites.

By: Aimelin S.

Tablet Stand
Have your recipes and videos at an appropriate height with a tablet stand. There truly is nothing better to hold your tablet while you have your hands busy cooking a delicious meal.

Mason jars
Mason jars are in right now and with good reason! They don’t keep odors, are easy to wash, and are great for canning fruits and vegetables. Also you can pack delicious meals to keep in your fridge or take to the office for lunch.

Avocado Slicer & Pitter
This tool is great either to make guacamole and other dishes with avocado or as a tool for slicing up other veggies and fruits as well.

Egg Cup
Ok, so you’re probably going to ask, how could I possibly need this? Eggs Benedict are extremely tasty! With a silicone egg cup, nothing sticks and you can even season while you cook.

Wood Tostonera
Tostones… Mmmm! I’m sure your grandma would crush them by hand when they were hot and ready to be eaten (what a beautiful memory). Traditionally, one would crush them by hand when they are hot and ready to be eaten.


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Tortilla Warmer
This tortillero is a “must have” in my house. Tortillas really stay warm in here, even better than the famous folded towel on a plate.

Paella Pan
Who isn’t craving a nice paella or arroz con pollo during this Hispanic Heritage Month? You can cook delicious chicken & rice dishes in a paella pan as easy as one, two, and three!

Tamale Maker
… Speaking of celebrations and Hispanic pride, leaving tamales off the menu would not suit us very well. So, check out this steam pot in which you can make more than enough tamales. I’m sure of it.

Steam Mop
Whether we like it or not, cleaning will be a part of the “after-party.” After cooking and celebrating, wrap it up quickly with Swiffer BISSELL® STEAMBOOST™, which removes dirt and works on all types of floors.

Grease Dissolver
No one wants to waste her time scrubbing when she can be sleeping. Do you have a pile of dishes and pots to clean? Leave them soaked in water with Dawn Power Dissolver and you’ll see that getting the grease off will be a piece of cake.

What are your kitchen essentials? Share them with the rest of the girls!

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