6 Quick Clean Tips: Window Treatments

6 Quick Clean Tips: Window Treatments

Get your window treatments clean in six simple steps.

When the sun is pouring through your windows, dust and dirt on window treatments can become more apparent. Give your blinds and curtains a quick, thorough clean with these six easy step-by-step tips.

Deep Clean: Curtain and Drapes

Washable Curtains:
Some fabric window treatments, like cotton curtain panels, are machine washable. Many fabric shades or custom-made drapes are not. First, check the tag for care instructions. If they’re washable, follow the instructions on the tag, wash and re-hang them.

Non-washable Drapes: For styles or fabric types that can’t easily be laundered, start by removing dust and hair with a vacuum tool or lint roller. If the curtains aren’t difficult to detach, you can even take them outside and shake them like a rug.

Deep Clean: Blinds
If dirt and grime have been building up on your blinds all winter, it may be time to give them a deep clean. Pick a day with good weather and enjoy some sunshine while you follow these simple steps for cleaning metal and plastic blinds outside.

Note: Use this how-to for metal and plastic blinds only. Wetting wooden blinds can cause warping and discoloration.

Dusting tool
All-purpose cleaner
Bucket of warm water
Large bath towel




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  1. First, remove loose dust and dirt using the dusting method of your choice
  2. Close and remove your blinds. To remove, simply pull up the tabs on each end and slide the blinds out. Lay them flat out in an open area, such as your driveway or patio. Avoid grassy areas so bits of grass and dirt don’t get stuck to your freshly cleaned blinds
  3. Lay the bath towel under the blinds, spray generously with the cleaner and let sit for several minutes
  4. Dampen the sponge, wipe the slats in a horizontal motion until all the dust and dirt buildup is wiped clean, and then wipe with clean water or spray with a garden hose
  5. Reverse the slats and repeat
  6. Allow the blinds to dry for at least an hour before re-hanging

What cleaning shortcuts do you use for keeping your home light and airy? Share your secrets in the comments section below!

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I save and reuse old shower curtains for a job just like this. It keeps the under side of the blinds clean and they can be thrown in the washer when you're done. Also, you can soak and clean your blinds in the tub if you can't d it outside. I just lay a shower curtain down on the floor and then an old blanket to catch al the splashes and spills.

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The best way to keep your house light and airy is doing the dusting, cleaning, polishing regularly. Do not allow dust and other stuff to accumulate. This also includes junk. If you clean and vaccuum your house regularly, you are more likely to get everything done. Otherwise, it looks like an impossible task which has no beginning and no end. Set a timetable and follow-it. Do not ignore any rooms especially the kitchen. Change the drapes on the window according to the season.

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