Repurposed Organizers: Cans

Repurposed Organizers: Cans

Try these crafty tips to repurpose cans for organization.

From soups to coffee, it’s likely that your family goes through a lot cans. Skip the recycling bin and opt for a more creative option by repurposing these cans to organize and store a few of your favorite things. Here are some ideas to get you started. And remember: Always wash your cans before you start crafting.

1. Silverware Sorter
Use a variety of ribbons and fabrics to adorn the outside of your can. Just apply a thin line of glue along the tops and bottoms, secure around the can and allow drying. Set them out for everyday easy access or for pretty serve-yourself dinner parties with friends.

2. Office, Beauty or Craft Supplier
Spray paint your cans in a well-ventilated area. Allow them to dry and use them to organize your office, beauty or craft supplies.

Tip: Use a hot glue gun to stack cans, on their sides or into a pyramid. After drying, place the cans vertically for a modern look, hang it on your wall or place the cans in any deep-set drawer to help with clutter.

3. Planter Pots
Before filling your cans up with soil and seeds, use a glue stick and put burlap or rope around them. You can hang them to any wall along the side of your house, or place them indoors on windowsills and mantels.

Other Useful Ways to Reuse Your Cans


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  • Place cans in your laundry room and label with each family member’s names. These will come in handy when emptying pockets on laundry day.
  • Use a variety of cans to store fresh flowers and create a pretty centerpiece for your dinner table.
  • Punch holes into cans and place a candle inside for sparkling lanterns.
  • Turn a can on its side and place tape or repurposed lids (cut them in half) on the bottom of each end. Loop a string through the can and tie. Then fill it with birdseed and hang on your favorite tree.
  • Glue the top and bottom of the can, and then place one plate upside down and one plate right-side up on either side for a cute cake stand.

The possibilities for your unused cans are endless! Do you have any ways of repurposing yours? Share them with us in the comments below!

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