Spring Cleaning Closet Swap

Spring Cleaning Closet Swap

Your home may always be tip-top, but here are tips for handling your wardrobe swap!

One morning, we woke up and it happened – it almost, very nearly smelled like spring. The air was crisp, the morning cool, and if we squinted, we could just spot some green buds on a tree.

We got excited. And then, we got to plan our spring wardrobes.

Of course, that meant that first, the winter wardrobe had to go. And even if we’re not quite ready to bid adios to our hats, boots and scarves, we’re just about ready. (Please, let it happen soon!)

But before you start dragging out the cardboard boxes, there’s something you should know – there’s a much better way to store your beloved winter clothing. Here are a few tips to keeping your clothes in tip-top shape until next fall and winter.

Step 1: Clean EVERYTHING
Don’t be tempted to skip washing that shirt or cardigan sweater you only wore once; it’s important to clean all of your clothes before storing them away until next winter.

Because here’s the deal: Any lingering stains, smells, or oils could discolor your favorite tops – or attract moths to those jeans you love so much. Don’t do it. Instead, just grab the Tide and give your winter wardrobe one last wash, at least for this season.


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Step 2: Fold, Don’t Hang
Even if you normally hang all your clothes, you don’t want to do that until next year! Keeping your clothes on hangers, for extended periods of time without wear, might cause sweaters, coats and other items to become misshapen. For most clothes, it’s simply better to fold and store. And if you absolutely have to hang something, be sure to do so from those handy sewn-in loops (that’s why they’re there).

Step 3: Invest in Airtight Storage
When it comes to a long-term closet swap, plastic storage containers are your best friend. Buy a few of those heavy-duty plastic bins, and store them in a cool, dry, dark spot. Be sure to label each container, so you can easily identify (and access, if necessary) the contents.

Step 4: Keep the Stink Away
Forget abuela’s stinky mothballs – they’re dangerous for kids and pets, by the way – and swap them out for lavender sachets, cedar chips, or other natural odor-eliminators. Then, place a Bounce dryer sheet between items of folded clothing, and give them a light spray of Febreze to keep everything fresh while taking their spot in storage.

Step 5: Store Shoes in their Original Boxes
Try storing shoes, especially boots, in their original boxes or similar sized plastic bins. Help everything keep its shape by investing in shoe shapers or shoe trees, or go DIY with homemade shapers. Try cutting up pool noodles, rolled magazines, empty water bottles, etc. Whatever fits inside your shoes and boots, without stretching, is fair game. You’ll extend the life of your shoes by keeping them covered, protected and also shaped for their next wear.

What are your favorite clothing storage tips and tricks?

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