The Rules of Closet Organization

The Rules of Closet Organization

Tackling your closet doesn’t have to be messy. See how to get your clothing under control.

Organization Rules
We’ve all had moments thinking, “I have nothing to wear,” as we look at a full closet. Usually, it’s because clutter and disorganization have left us oblivious to what exactly we own. But looking chic can be attained with a closet edit, says Washington, D.C., wardrobe stylist Eileen Nelson. “A well-organized, well-decorated closet makes getting dressed easier and more fun. Whether you have a small space or a huge dressing room, your closet should be boutique beautiful!”

Here are tips for transforming your closet.

First, get rid of everything you don't use. Throw out what’s ripped or stained and donate what you know you’ll never wear. Consider a closet swap party — a get-together where everyone brings in a few items they’re not using and a fun swap ensues. To make this process easier, keep a basket at the bottom of your closet to toss swap/donate items into on a regular basis.

Follow the purge by organizing according to item type. Hang jackets together, followed by tops, blouses and pants. Neatly fold T-shirts on a shelf to make room for your hangable frocks. While you're at it, organize by color. This will help you easily see what you own and also means you won’t end up wearing the same colors every day. Nelson recommends keeping work and social wear toward the front for easy access, and formal attire toward the back.


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Splurge on a few essentials to mix and match. Think a silk blouse, black pants and a little black dress. Blazers are a must — grab as many as three if you can (black, white and colored). If you’re on a tight budget, make sure you at least have a black blazer. Pair these essentials with other items for every occasion, whether a business lunch, a date or simply a weekend get-together.

Clean Kids’ Space
Whether it’s toys, books or games, clutter is especially a problem in kids’ rooms. Use storage cubes and boxes to give them easy access to their stuff and a designated place to put everything away, keeping the space open and safe.

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