The Ultimate Family To-Do List to Gear Up for Summer

The Ultimate Family To-Do List to Gear Up for Summer

Gutters and cushions to clean, weeds to pull, screens to install, and so much to remember!

By Lorraine Allen

Spring is in full swing, and there’s a lot to get done in and around the house this time of year. Many projects are kid-related and outdoorsy, so it’s fun to get them to help out, too. Generally, children like digging out tools, working around the house and garden, and helping with building or fixing things, if you make it fun.

In addition to those chores, there are also plenty of others that parents need to take care of, and it can be overwhelming to remember everything. Here’s a useful checklist to help you focus and get through it, so you can all be really ready to welcome summer!

Projects to do with and/or for kids:

  • Dig out bike helmets, roller skates, scooters, and other summer sports gear.
  • Put air in tires and adjust seat heights.
  • Bring out the bubbles, sand toys, and inflatable toys (toss any with holes, too).
  • Buy sandals or water shoes and bathing suits.
  • Stock up on sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Find kids’ garden tools and buckets.
  • Designate a couple of garden pots or a small corner of your yard for your kids to be responsible for, and let them plant, weed, water, and grow things there.
  • Make and install garden signs for any seeds planted.
  • Make and set out some bird feeders and maybe a bird bath to attract some exciting wildlife.

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Projects to do in the yard:

  • Get out those sprinklers and check your garden hoses for leaks.
  • Prune any branches that are growing in the way of other things.
  • Rake up old leaves.
  • Put down some fresh mulch, soil, and plant food or compost to help your garden grow beautifully.
  • Plant some fresh annuals and tend to any perennials you have.
  • Toss any broken pots and dead plants.
  • Start weeding!
  • Hang some lights so you can enjoy the nice weather all evening long.
  • Get some bug repellent or candles.
  • Clean up grill and grill tools.
  • If you’re going to spray for ticks, now’s the time to get it done!
  • Fix, paint, or replace any fences or gates that need work.

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Projects to do around the house:

  • Clean window screens and put them back in place (if you removed them for winter).
  • Clean out gutters and drains.
  • Power-wash decks.
  • Fix or replace any broken screen doors.
  • Fix or replace any porch or deck furniture.
  • Clean patio furniture cushions.
  • Clean any doormats or outdoor rugs on patios or porches.
  • Make sure those umbrellas are handy by the front door.
  • Keep sunhats handy by the front door, too -- to help prevent sunburn and heat stroke.

What other things do you and your family do to gear up for summer?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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