Tips for Removing Food Odors

Tips for Removing Food Odors

Help eliminate common odors in your kitchen with our useful tips.

Kitchen Odor Tips
Keeping your kitchen squeaky clean will help avoid many odors from ever becoming a problem, but sometimes a special meal, a favorite ingredient or the occasional burnt bag of popcorn will make even the most sparkling kitchen a little hard on the nose. Following a simple kitchen cleaning checklist — and using these easy tips — will keep your kitchen looking and smelling its very best!

Refrigerator & Freezer

  • Regularly remove expired items and leftovers from the refrigerator and freezer since their odors can spread around the kitchen and be absorbed by other foods.
  • Place dry coffee grounds in a dish or a clean, thin sock and set it in the freezer to help eliminate stale odors.
  • An open container of baking soda in the fridge works wonders by containing smells from foods you don't want to get rid of yet, like the fish thawing for tomorrow's dinner.

Tip: Place the baking soda as close to the fan inside the fridge as you can. The more air circulating around the container, the more effective it will be.


  • Place several lemon wedges in a large microwave-safe bowl of water, and heat in the microwave until it boils. Let it sit for fifteen minutes to be sure the bowl is cool to the touch before removing. This will keep the steam inside the microwave, making the interior easier to clean.

Garbage Disposal

  • Place several ice cubes down the drain, run cold water, and turn on the disposal until the ice is all chopped up. This will clean debris off the disposal blades.



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  • Keep a small bowl of white vinegar on the counter while you're cooking to help eliminate strong odors before they escape into the room.
  • Fill a pot with water and several cinnamon sticks, letting it simmer on the stove to freshen the air.

Coffee Maker

  • Brew plain water with about a cup of vinegar in your coffee maker to clean it and get rid of unwanted food odors at the same time! Brew a cycle of plain water after the vinegar rinse.


  • Add citrus rinds or dryer sheets to the bottom of your trash pail to help keep the smell contained, replacing them as needed.
  • Save bread bags and plastic grocery sacks to individually wrap wet trash, leftovers and other potentially odorous items before disposing of them.


  • Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to your laundry during the wash cycle for an effective way to remove cooking aromas from clothing, including smoky smells from the grill.
  • Keep in mind that kitchen curtains are often the culprit when the source of a stubborn odor can’t be found. Launder them according to the care instructions.

Tip: For curtains that aren't washer-friendly, fill the bathtub with very hot water and a few cups of distilled white vinegar. Hang the curtains in the bathroom with the door closed and let the steam help remove the odors.

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Indeed the kitchen curtains are often the culprit. .Take out the garbage whenever it needs to. This is the main source of odors. Clean as often as possible. Use cinnamon or cloves to get rid of odors or grow some plants which will breathe freshness in your rooms.

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