Use Dawn Dish Soap as a Laundry Pre-treater

Think beyond the sink and use Dawn dish soap as a laundry pre-treater with these instructions.

Worried about that stain? It’s OK! Simply use Dawn Dish Soap to pre-treat stains before laundering. Here’s how:

Dawn dish soap


  1. Identify the stain you wish to pre-treat
  2. Directly apply Dawn to the stain — Dawn works on cottons and poly-cottons helping clean Grease, Spaghetti Sauce, Pizza, Blue Berry and Blood Stains — for positive results in a typical load you should use about 9.5 mls of Dawn product. (3-6 quarter sized squirts across 3-6 stains)
  3. With Dawn covering stain rub soap in using the fabric between your fingers
  4. After rubbing the soap into the fabric throw the garment into the laundry machine – to wash normally with Tide Detergent

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Tip: Dawn is also a great suds creator – for HE front loader machine Dawn may increase wash time.

Tip: Watch the Home Made Simple TV experts take you through the process in a short video here.

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The stain came out but now I have blue spots from the Dawn! Help!

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Dawn even works on grease stains that have previously been washed and gone through the dryer!

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