Use Dawn Dish Soap to Clean Your Hubcaps

Think beyond the sink and use Dawn dish soap to keep your hubcaps shiny and clean.

Dawn dish soap
Soft towel or paper towel



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  1. Create a bucket of soapy solution using about a teaspoon in a gallon of 107 F water
  2. Use a soft sponge and put it into the solution collecting soapy solution
  3. Squeeze out the sponge to appropriate suds level and dampness prior to use
  4. Scrub the hubcaps until visible grease and grime is removed
  5. After scrubbing rinse the hubcaps with warm water – rinse them off with a hose or a separate bucket of clean warm water
  6. Dry using soft towel or paper towel

Tip: Watch the Home Made Simple TV experts take you through the process in this short video!

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