Use Dawn Dish Soap to Clean Your Kitchen

Think beyond the sink and use Dawn dish soap to clean your kitchen countertops.

After you’ve done the dishes, take a few seconds to wipe down and clean soiled kitchen surfaces with the cleaning power of Dawn. It’s simple, fast and effective!

Dawn dish soap
Paper towels


Bounty with Dawn
Bounty with Dawn

Blasts through messes with an infusion of Dawn

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  1. To clean kitchen grease or oils from kitchen surfaces. Apply (5-7 mls) of Dawn directly to the sponge/ dish cloth under warm running water
  2. Squeeze out suds prior to using
  3. Scrub surface with damp soapy sponge/dish cloth until soil is removed from surface
  4. Use dry paper towel to dry after use

Tip: This cleaning process is perfect for countertops, refrigerators, stoves and other small appliances!

Tip: Watch the Home Made Simple TV experts take you through this process in this short video.

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