Use Dawn Dish Soap to Clean Your Tools

Think beyond the sink and learn how to use Dawn dish soap to effectively clean your tools!

Dawn dish soap
Large bucket


  1. Create a bucket of soapy solution – about 1 teaspoon of Dawn mixed with a gallon of water heated to and 107 F
  2. Scrub the tool in the bucket – using a dish rag, or sponge. Working from one dirty tool to the next. Do not let the tools soak in the bucket – instead clean actively
  3. Once the grease is no longer visible and you can feel they are clean – rinse the tools with clean running water
  4. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel

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Tip: Dawn tested on Craftsman, Kobalt, Stanley, Dewalt, Workforce, and Superior Tool hand tools.

Tip: This cleaning method is tested on High Strength Alloyed Steel, Chrome Nickel, Chrome Vanadium Steel, High Alloy Steel, Nickel Chrome Finish, Lacquer Coated Steel/ Magnetic Tips, Drop Forge Steel And Aluminum. Watch out – with Chrome Nickel and Forged Steel we say etching with soaking – therefore we advise to not soak, and rinse immediately after cleaning.

Tip: Watch the Home Made Simple TV experts take you through this process in a short video here.

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