Use Your Sunday to Plan for the Entire Week

Use Your Sunday to Plan for the Entire Week

Start every week right by making Sunday a day of order and sanity!

By Wendy Robinson

A large dry erase calendar hangs on our fridge, updated every month with all of the things that keep a family busy. There are tumbling and ballet classes, a late meeting at work on Wednesday, a paper due for grad school, a trip to the science center on Friday in addition to the daily grind of making lunches, running errands, and keeping everyone fed, clothed, and clean.

Life can feel overwhelming sometimes, but I’ve found that if I take a few hours on Sunday to do some prep work for the rest of the week, I can make life a little easier for all of us. My Sunday routine includes:

1. Clothing prep: On work mornings, I have about a 5-percent success rate of running on time so I choose my outfits on Sunday and do my ironing while I watch some juicy drama after the kids go to bed. My son wears uniforms to school, so I also make sure he has enough clean shirts and pants to get him to Friday.

2. Lunch prep: Both my son and I take lunches from home during the week, so I do as much prep work as I can in advance. Fruit gets washed and, if it is grapes or berries, portioned out. I make some PB&J sandwiches and wrap them tightly in plastic wrap to store in the freezer (they unthaw nicely by lunch time) and also fill small reusable bags with crackers, nuts, or other lunch snacks. All of this makes filling a lunch box a 20-second breeze each morning.

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3. Dinner plans: I plan a menu of what we’ll have for dinner each night, making sure to note if things need to get taken out of the freezer, and hang it on the fridge so we avoid the whole “what’s for dinner?” drama. On Sundays, I also like to make a larger cut of meat, like a roast chicken or pork loin, so we have leftover meat for quick soups or stir-fry on Monday or Tuesday.

4. Purge: I tend to collect receipts and napkins and wrappers and, because I am a mom, random kid items in my purse during the week. On Sunday, I’ll take a minute and do a quick wallet and purse cleanout. It is much easier to find my keys on Monday morning if they aren’t buried under a pair of 5T underwear and an empty sippy cup.


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5. Simple pleasures: I like to try to start off the week feeling calm and relaxed, so I love to put new sheets on the bed and then end my Sunday with a soak in the tub. I might even do a face mask as I lounge in the tub with a good book or magazine. And then -- ahhh -- to bed on fresh clean sheets. Makes for a perfect night of sleep.

Monday is still Monday, of course, but I feel like a little time spent on Sunday can sure take the edge off the workweek stress.

How do you prepare for your busy weeks?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at

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