What to Really Buy for Back to School

What to Really Buy for Back to School

It's time to retire some of these overrated supplies in place of these awesome new tools.

1. Underrated: Clip-In 3-Hole Punch
This genius tool is the perfect solution for a kid who constantly loses their papers. This thin, lightweight hole punch clips into your binder and lets you instantly hole-punch your papers. No more waiting for the giant hole punch to be passed around the classroom and no more overstuffed folders. Stick one in every binder and watch your kid's life get much more organized.

2. Overrated: Sticky Notes
Small, colorful sheets of sticky paper in the hands of a restless kid are a teacher's worst nightmare. There is no reason for children to have sticky notes at school, unless they're for taking notes in a textbook — although, encouraging your child to take notes in one of the five spiral notebooks you were told to buy might be a better suggestion.

3. Overrated: Book Covers
Jackets for your textbooks, designed to keep kids from ruining the covers with doodles are a no go. Their stretchy material makes books impossible to hold, plus their lack of transparency makes it really hard to identify which book is which. Try using a brown paper bag or even wrapping paper instead.


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4. Underrated: Hole Reinforcers
There is no greater pain than realizing you've lost a worksheet you thought was securely clipped into your binder. Damaged holes on a sheet of paper are only a temporary nightmare if you have a pack of hole reinforcers. These little round stickers can reattach the ripped area of the sheet and create a strong bond sure to last through the school year.

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