Back on Track: Simple Backpack Organization for Kids

Keep your kids’ backpacks organized all year long with these 5 simple steps.

The summer is almost over, which means back to school is right around the corner. With a new school year comes a clean slate for getting your kids organized. To help keep them on track, here are five simple steps for better backpack organization.

Step 1: Invest in Multiple Compartments
Instead of rifling through one big bag, your child can assign a place for everything in a backpack with multiple compartments. For instance, the front compartment is for lunch money, the side pocket is for a bus pass and the inside pocket is for the homework folder.

Step 2: Time to Accessorize
If your child helps shop for the pencil case or daily planner, they will probably be more likely to put those organizational tools to use. They may be excited to put pencils in that snazzy purple case, rather than scatter them throughout their backpack. 

Step 3: Designate a Location
Get your child in the habit of storing their backpack in the same spot every day so there isn’t a mad rush to find it in the morning.

You might find it convenient to have your child hang their backpack on a hook by the door, so when they hang up their coat, they can hang up their backpack, too. Have more than one child? Label the hooks with small chalkboards that have the children’s names on them.

Tip: Along with their names, add a list of essentials for your children to check off before they leave for the day.

Step 4: Create a Packing/Unpacking Routine
By loading and unloading their backpack together, you’ll ensure they have everything needed to start and end the day right.

When it comes to unpacking, create colorful signs or sticky notes to show where your child should place their homework, lunchbox, artwork and school notes.

Step 5: Implement a Weekly Cleanout
Don’t let the backpack become a dumping ground! At the end of every week, have your child go through their backpack and throw out what is no longer needed. Sit beside them and guide them. It may take some time, but if your child makes these steps part of their weekly routine, these organizational skills will soon become second nature.

How do you keep your kids organized during the school year? Let us know in the comments section below!



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