Fresh Ways to Help Organize Your House

Fresh Ways to Help Organize Your House

Tips on how readers can motivate themselves to check off everything on their home's to-do list.

Start organizing by going through your house and following the rule of the three Rs: remove, reduce and rearrange.


  • Clean out all of your storage spaces and closets. Then, sort everything into four piles: stuff to keep, stuff to donate, stuff to dry-clean or repair and stuff to throw away.

  • You might find some clothes you forgot you had, but want to keep. To help give them renewed freshness, wash them with 2X Ultra Tide® laundry detergent.
  • While your storage spaces and closets are empty, take advantage of time to clean them. Try Mr. Clean® Multi-Surfaces Spray Cleaner With Febreze® Freshness to create an oasis of clean. Try this all-purpose cleaner on counters, stovetops and other appliances. To sweep up any unexpected messes, consider the Swiffer® Sweeper.

  • As you start putting your stuff back into the storage spaces and closets, figure out what to hang where. For example, hang your jackets next to your pants next to your blouses and so on.

  • You also can figure out what, if any, organizers can help you maintain this new structure. For example, maybe you need an extra shelf for folded sweaters, sweats, T-shirts or jeans. You can also determine how many storage bins you need for accessories (including hats and purses) or for stowing winter clothes. Consider other organizers, such as a shoe organizer, to keep the floor clear. Try placing Bounce® dryer sheets in closets, storage bins and between clothes that are stowed away to help keep a fresh scent.

  • When everything you've decided to keep is back in your storage spaces or closets, freshen every room by spraying Febreze Air Effects®.

When your house is organized, your life will seem more organized, too. 



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