How – and Why – to Wash Your Dishwasher

Show your dishwasher some love with our essential cleaning tips to keep it sparkling inside and out.

Your dishwasher deserves some tLc. after all, it cleans mountains of plates, cutlery and pans after every meal and barely utters a groan. How would we survive life without it? and yet, for all the timesaving convenience it brings, most of us don’t actually wash the dishwasher. If you think the hot, soapy water running through it every day is enough, think again! Without monthly maintenance, grime and food particles can start to build up inside it, causing a bad smell or even a mechanical issue. to make sure your dishwasher runs well load after load, follow these simple steps.

1. clean the filter.
Once a month, remove the outer metal filter and soak it in a solution of hot water and dawn dish soap. then rinse it with hot water and let it air dry. Repeat with the inner filter, but use a scrub brush to clean it thoroughly and remove stuck-on food particles.

2. Use a dishwasher cleaner.
to remove limescale buildup, grease and odors from your dishwasher, use cascade dishwaser cleaneronce a month. Empty the dishwasher entirely, add one of the easy-to-use, single-dose pacs and run a hot wash cycle to help eliminate odors and break through buildup. Keep this up every month for a fresher, cleaner machine.

3. clean the inside door.
sometimes food from plates, pots and pans gets stuck on the inside door. Use a bounty duratowel to wipe the inside door after every few washes to make sure it’s completely clean. Remember to clean the sides and any tricky angles or joins, too.

4. Remove the dishwasher’s spray arms.
Every six months, remove the spray arms from the dishwasher (consult your owner’s manual to find out how), and rinse them under hot water. Use a toothpick to poke the holes clear of any blockages or food particles.

5. choose dishwashing products carefully.
In addition to powering away burnt-on foods and grease (no rinse required!), cascade platinum actionpacs are formulated to help prevent hard-water filming and keep your machine looking fresh and clean.

Have we missed a tip? share your advice in the comments section below, and visit cascade for more dish-friendly tips, products and information.


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