How to clean your house after the holidays

Start the New Year on the right foot by restoring some order to your home.

By: Alicia C.

My favorite time of the year starts with Halloween and ends with the new year beginning. I love to decorate my house, make traditional and special recipes and have my family and friends around me. However, for many years, these weeks also caused me lots of tension and left me resentful. Don't think that it's because of the social interactions, which can be complicated, but because of the disaster left behind when everyone left.

My children, with that incredible capacity that kids have to see everything in black and white, summed it up easily: The worst part of having visitors is cleaning up before they come and after they leave.

Here are my four go-to tricks to get my house back to normal after the holidays, without having to suffer much.

  1. Forget the mop. In my experience, the only thing it does is distribute dust and grime. For me, the best invention is the Swiffer. This system has disposable towels and a tank to put water and liquid in. I love it! You don't have to wring out a mop that keeps getting dirtier, or drag around a bucket of water that keeps getting darker and darker. Use it and you'll have a shiny floor, even after having 100 people at your house.
  1. Create stations for everything. Meaning put all items for presents in one area and always wrap them there. This will allow you to tidy up easier and not go around chasing down scissors and looking for tape all around the house.
  1. Use double trash bags throughout the house. Triple if you can. When the trash fills up, remove the bag and you'll have two more underneath. This way you'll save the drama of having to keep up with it and you'll have less work in January.
  1. Do not forget about smells. Sometimes everything is neat and tidy, but the smells of the food and perfumes remain, still there from the visitors. For this, there's nothing better than an air deodorizer like Febreze Air Effects, in Clean Splash. It's amazing because it's like having clean smell in a bottle. The only thing you have to do is spray it and you'll also take advantage of its inanimate allergen reducing benefits. Success!

What do you do to restore order in your home?


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