How to Keep Your House Clean in Summer

See how to eliminate common summer cleaning hotspots with these tips and ideas.

By: Celia S.

You’re likely working on a list of kid-friendly activities to keep your little ones entertained throughout their vacation months. When indoors, you’re likely to spend time baking cookies and cupcakes, painting canvases and T-shirts, making popsicles, creating papel picado banners and homemade kites, and filling up water balloons to toss in the backyard. When outdoors, meanwhile, you’ll be taking the kids to the beach, pool, and park; supervising them while they run through the sprinklers; helping them create works of art with sidewalk chalk; throwing cookouts and picnics; and much more!

While all these activities will certainly cure your children of any boredom, they’ll also create quite the domestic workload. Spilled juice, melted ice cream cones, sandwich crumbs, grass-stained T-shirts, sandy shoes, piles of cut-up paper bits, and crayon messes are practically inevitable. So how can you keep your house as clean and tidy as possible throughout the summer months?

First, stock up on time-saving cleaning supplies like the wiffer Sweeper. As you glide the dry cloth-covered sweeper over floors, you’ll effectively pick up dirt, food crumbs, and grains of sand tracked into the house after beach outings. Next, to tackle more stubborn grime like dried juice stains or sticky melted popsicle stains, use a wet mopping cloth and smooth your Swiffer Sweeper over the desired area. In a flash, your hardwood floors will look resplendent — and you won’t even have to bother with dustbins and mopping buckets. For an extra thorough cleanse, try the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost, a steam-activated cleaning solution that dissolves and removes dirt more effectively than standard mops.

Next, prepare to blast through countertop and dinner table spills with the new Bounty with Dawn Paper Towels and Napkins, water-activated picker-uppers that are pre-infused with powerful Dawn detergent. The extra thick paper towels clean gooey messes quicker and more effectively than sponges, and there’s no need to spritz on any additional detergent. Whether you’re trying to remove melted cheese, syrup, glitter and glue, or toothpaste residue, these paper towels will make the cleansing process fast and stress-free.

Plan on doing small loads of laundry every 2-3 days so that the dirty clothes don’t pile up and overwhelm you! Not only will kids be getting dirty throughout the day, but you’re likely to use more towels and linens during beach outings, pool parties, camping trips, or even while hosting sleepovers and building bedroom forts. To power through laundry routine, try using the Tide Plus Febreeze Freshness Liquid, which tackles stubborn stains while also leaving clothes smelling fresh and crisp. For heavy stains, bring in some back-up via the Tide Stain Release Boost, which you can toss in the wash along with your detergent of choice.

Next, keep your bathroom smelling fresh while simultaneously transforming the space into mommy’s very own spa, a room where you can relax while soaking in the tub and reading a book. First, make the room more inviting through the power of scent. The new Charmin Plus the Scent of Chamomile toilet paper exudes a soothing chamomile aroma that will help you forget any of the day’s stresses.

What are your greatest cleaning challenges when your kids are home for the summer?


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