How to Organize with Magnets

Simplify your home and tackle clutter with these clever ideas for using magnets.

Take magnets beyond the refrigerator door by using them to organize everything from keys to cookware. Check out these tips for a few easy and creative ways to use magnets to simplify your home.

Hang up Your Keys
Whether you enter through the laundry room, garage or front door, consider hanging a magnetic strip by your main entryway as a storage station for keys.

Mix up the look with different sizes and shapes so each family member has a different magnet for keys.

Use Magnetic Strips for Cutlery
Keep cutlery where only adults can reach it by hanging a strong magnetic strip in the kitchen. Simply place cutlery against the magnet and it will attract to stay in place.

You can even add to your kitchen décor by wrapping bold, blocky magnetic strips in pretty paper or thin fabric for a great modern look with a touch of color.

Gather Pins and Paperclips
Use smaller magnets (2-4 inches in length) to keep pins or paperclips in place. If you happen to drop a pin, use your magnet to search it out and attract the pin so no one gets hurt.

Making More Magnet-Friendly Surfaces
Be sure to take measurements before you go shopping at your local home improvement store so you can have an associate cut the sheeting for you. Once you get your materials, you can create all-new storage areas by lining surfaces with metal sheeting.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Line the inside of your medicine cabinet with metal sheeting. Then use magnetic containers for storing items like hair ties and bobby pins. Stick the containers to the newly made metal surface for an easy storage solution that clears off shelf space.

Declutter the Fridge
Hang metal boards (similar to bulletin boards) in the kitchen or office area and use them as a surface for posting all the items you would have stuck on the refrigerator, such as schoolwork and reminders.

Paint Anything Magnetic
Create magnetic surfaces just about anywhere with magnetic paint. Magnetic paint can be found online if it’s not available at your local hardware or craft store. Paint magnetic walls in kids rooms, play rooms or craft rooms. The newly magnetic surface will give children a place of their own to hang recent crafts and artwork.

Do you use magnets in a way we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments section below!


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