Storage Solutions: 4 Tips for Organizing Kids’ Sports Equipment

Keep your family’s sports equipment organized and gameday-ready with our 4 easy tips.

Between after-school practices and weekend games, it can be difficult keeping your teens’ sporting equipment organized. But having the right kind of storage in place is half the battle – doing so will help stop unnecessary clutter and create less of a hassle on game day. Try our simple tips for storing your family’s sporting equipment:

1. Bats, Clubs, Sticks and Rackets

Keep any equipment with a long stick or handle up and out of the way using pegboards. Mount pegboards in a garage or entryway, and then simply attach hooks for hanging. A variety of pegboard accessories are available at hardware stores, including organizers and baskets – which you can use to sort smaller items like pucks, balls and golf tees.

2. Balls

In your garage, repurpose an old cooler to store any kind of sports balls – you can also use baskets, crates or buckets. For open shelves holding balls or other equipment, try stretching exercise elastics across the front to prevent them from falling out in storage.

3. Protective Gear and Apparel

When hanging uniforms, try color-coding hangers based on sport or family member. Essential accessories – like gloves or goggles – can be pinned to a hanger with clothespins.

Keep protective gear like pads, shin guards and helmets in one place by sorting them in laundry baskets. After a big game, your kids can easily toss their gear in a basket to be washed. Be sure to have some Tide PODS® Plus Febreze™ Odor Defense on hand to fight stains and freshen those smelly jerseys.

4. Athletic Shoes and Skates

Store footwear in a safe and easy-to-access spot in your garage, laundry room or entryway – but before doing so, spritz some Febreze Fabric Refresher Heavy Duty on those stinky shoes. You can use a pegboard to hang shoes, or utilize shelving units and storage bins. Consider labeling with each family member’s name to avoid any confusion.

Prepare for messy, muddy shoes or skates after playtime, practice or games by keeping a duffle bag in your trunk. We recommend a fabric one, as it’s easier to wash or refresh. And have a Mr. Clean Extra Durable Magic Eraser ready at home to easily remove mud, grass stains and scuff marks.

Do you have any tricks for organizing your family’s sports equipment? Let us know in the comments below!



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