See What’s In Store-age: Beautiful and Functional Organization

There’s a way to make closets more functional for storage while making sure they’re not an eyesore.

There’s one common cliché we all recognize when it comes to closet storage – that you have to use the full force of your body to close the closet door, and then when you open it, everything comes crashing down on you.

While there’s some truth to every cliché, this one can be easily avoided. Here are some simple tips to keeping your closets organized and nice to look at.

You can add color to your walk-in closet. Paint the walls, hang some art, put a colorful ottoman in there so you have a place to sit. You don’t accept bare walls in the rest of the house – why in the closet?

There are a million ideas and products out there for how to organize shoes, but you really just need to find one that works for you. You probably have your four or five go-to pairs, which you can keep at the ready, but using small clear plastic boxes with lids for the rest of your shoes is a super simple solution. These can either stack on the floor underneath hung clothing or be placed on a shelf for easy access.

We often default to throwing that old, clunky, ugly dresser in the closet where no one can see it. There are ways to spruce up an old dresser or redesign one altogether, but you can typically find a charming nightstand or dresser at a reasonable price – especially at thrift stores and garage sales. Even the smallest closet can usually fit a modest piece of furniture that can help organization. Consider painting each drawer front a different color or covering them with decorative paper.

Tip: When storing summer clothes, spray them with some Febreze before putting them away for the season to make sure they’re ready to go once summer comes back around.

Utilize Your Closet Door
The inside of your closet door can be valuable organizational real estate: A small coat rack on the inside of the closet door can be the perfect place to hang belts, scarves or even jewelry.

Baskets and Bins

You can find baskets and bins in every shape and size these days – usually pretty inexpensively. This is a simple way to add different colors or textures to your closet while still adding some additional functionality and storage.

The key to successful organizing is really keeping it fun, attractive and, above all, simple.


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