4 Foods You Haven’t Tried Grilled

Who would have thought? Here are some great dishes you can throw on the grill for that little extra taste of summer.

For most people, the image of a grill piled high with meats is a symbol of summer. But you may not know that your grill can be used to add a unique touch to a huge variety of dishes and ingredients! Plus, grilling outside saves you the trouble of heating up your house by turning the oven on. So, are you ready to see what your taste buds have been missing?

Look ahead for some great summer recipes, and download the recipe cards to try at home.


Grill Cleanup

Before you get started with our new recipes, you may need to give the grill a quick clean. Just wet a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and all that caked-on food and grease will clear right off so you can grill to your heart’s content. You’ll be amazed how easy it is.


Grilled Pizza Flatbread

Thinking about enjoying a delicious homemade pizza? Try taking it outdoors to your grill! Read the linked article to see some of our favorite unique topping options that will take your grilled pizza to the next level!


Hand Pies

If you’re looking for something a little heartier than pizza, try a mini savory or sweet pie. Just fill a pre-made pie crust with some delicious ingredients, like fruit, and head out to the grill. It’s an incredibly quick and easy way to feed your family on a cooler summer evening.


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