5 Baking Tips for Making Any Bake Better

Here’s a list of top tips to help you achieve snacking supremacy!

The Way the Cookie Crumbles
1. If you’re baking cookies and you want to keep them super soft, store them in a container or bag with a slice of bread. This trick even works with brownies! 

Take Your Pick
2. If you’re baking with the kids, get creative in the kitchen! There’s no need to stick to the script where kids are involved, so let their imaginations run wild with ingredient choices. Even if your chocolate-peanut-butter cake infused with bacon wasn’t a hit, you’ll have a great memory.

Time to Chill
3. Most cookie dough can be stored in the freezer and reused in the future. Plus, a neat trick if you’re in a hurry is to roll your cookie dough into logs and simply slice and bake. You’ll have tasty results in no time!

On the Rise
4. If you’re hesitant to give the kids too much sugar, there’s no knead to panic! Baking bread can be a lot of fun too. Just doughn’t forget to keep an eye on the oven. The smoke alarm is not a timer and you wouldn’t want to toast your kitchen!

A Matter of Time
5. The beauty of baking means that as the celebrations change, so can your menus. If you’re baking for your loved ones, personalize the results on their birthdays! If they’re sports fans, add some footballs or basketballs made of icing. Or produce a litter of cat cupcakes if animals are their passion. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, go all out with a pastry portrait! 

Hopefully this list will make your baking better. Just remember, when the time comes to clean your chef’s hat, and anything else, leave it to Tide!


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