4 Recipes for Leftover Turkey

4 Recipes for Leftover Turkey

Reinvent your Thanksgiving leftovers in four delicious new ways.

Eyeing the turkey after a wonderful feast can leave you thinking that you’ll never touch the bird again. Luckily, leftover turkey doesn’t have to mean turkey sandwiches for a week. Use these ideas to create delicious meals and not let that turkey go to waste!

1. Southwestern Turkey Chili
Transform extra turkey into a pot of wholesome, hearty chili seasoned with garlic, onions and chili pepper. It’s our favorite way to stay warm on chilly fall nights. Balance the spice by garnishing with shredded Monterey Jack cheese and a dollop of smooth sour cream.

2. Warm Turkey & Havarti Sandwich
Give the typical turkey sandwich a gourmet twist with our easy, open-faced version. Start with warm crunchy bread, then layer it with thinly sliced turkey, buttery Havarti cheese and spoonfuls of leftover cranberry sauce or one of our chutney recipes.


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Tip: As you clean up after the big meal, go ahead and divide leftover turkey into separate containers. When you need them for a recipe, you’ll have just the amount you need within reach.

3. Turkey Club Wrap
Layer leftover turkey with slices of crispy bacon and fresh veggies in a whole wheat tortilla! Pack it for lunch or turn it into a dinner entrée by adding Swiss cheese, baby spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, and serving with chips or fries.

4. Turkey Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Take boxed macaroni and cheese to a gourmet new level by adding your turkey. Simply prepare your macaroni and cheese as you normally would and fold in slices of your leftover turkey and veggies (like those Thanksgiving green beans!).

Tip: Embellish bagged salad mix with shredded cold turkey for a quick, light lunch.

How do you re-invent Thanksgiving leftovers? Share your favorite recipe in the comments section below!

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These are good ideas and I would like to share additional one. Try using your leftover turkey as a base for your Gumbo. I use it along with Chicken, Shrimp, Kielbasa, and crawfish. Add onion and celery then put all of this into your Roux and you will be amazed.

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