5 Quick Apple Snacks

5 Quick Apple Snacks

Take advantage of November’s best fruit with these delicious snacks.

By: Anna Monette Roberts

Fall Tradition
If you crave crisp apples for an afternoon snack, why not kick it up a notch and nosh on these quick apple snacks, which take mere minutes to prepare? We've included classic pairings like cheddar cheese — and some that are a bit more novel.

Take a look, and happy munching!

1. Tahini and Honey
Tahini complements both green and red apples. Depending on how sweet the apples are, try drizzling the combination with clover or honeysuckle honey.

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2. Soft Cheeses
Brie and triple cream cheeses spread like butter atop apple wedges.


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3. Turkey Slices
Turkey and Granny Smith apples are an intriguing sandwich pairing. Between meals, skip the bread and cut the apple in round slices for a solid, cracker-like base.

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4. Cheddar
Cheddar, especially aged varieties like Cabot Clothbound, is a classic pairing with apple. Add baguette for more substantial noshing.

5. Maple Almond Butter
Almond butter sweetened with a little maple syrup is the ultimate fall dip for apples.

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