5 Ways to Use Fall Produce

5 Ways to Use Fall Produce

Use these 5 ideas to add a healthy kick straight from the garden into everyday meals.

By: Sara Yoo

Waste Not, Want Not
At the start of each season, it's so tempting to rush to the farmers market and buy up all the produce you see.

Yes, buying local fruits and vegetables in season ensures peak flavor and lower prices, but unless you're feeding an army, you may find yourself with more delicious produce than you can consume before the weather changes once again.

We have some tips on how to keep nature's seasonal delights from going to waste before the first frost kicks in!

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1. Dry Them
The tail end of summer squash and the first crop of pumpkins can be hollowed out, dried and used in an elegant Fall tablescape or as a pot for tiny plants!

2. Jam, Preserve and Serve Them
Plenty of fall fruits are ideal for simmering down into a sweet or savory-sweet spread.

You can also brew the remnants of summer tomato season with garlic and basil for a sauce that can be frozen to carry you through next year.


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3. Bake Them
Fall fruits like apples, quinces, pears and dates make juicy additions to cakes and cookies. A scoop or two of homemade applesauce or persimmon puree makes for a healthy sweetener, too.

4. Pickle Them
Don't forget to eat your veggies! Putting cucumbers, olives and peppers in a briny bath for long enough will result in them reemerging as delicious pickles.

5. Freeze Them
Most fruits and vegetables can't enter the harsh environment of the freezer and be returned to their fresh-off-the-tree condition, but they still have a use.

Freeze leftover ginger root to later slice, boil and steep into a digestion-supporting tea or put your leftover tomatoes on ice to use in sauces long after the season is over. If you can't get through your crop of chestnuts, roast them in the oven and freeze to enjoy later.

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