9 Things You Didn’t Know an Ice Cube Could Do

9 Things You Didn’t Know an Ice Cube Could Do

Use ice cubes for more than just cooling your drinks with our ideas.

By: Grace Mitchell

Beyond keeping your lemonade perfectly chilled and easing swelling bumps and bruises, ice can be used for a variety of home and beauty purposes. Read on for 9 easy tips to make ice more of your daily routine!

1. Remove Dents in Carpeting
If you moved some furniture around in a room recently, you’ve probably noticed a few dents showing where the furniture legs used to be. Before you fret and move it all back, place an ice cube directly over the dent in the carpet, let it melt, and then rub the dent away.

2. Avoid A Sloshy Drink
Drinks at a party look appealing and fresh in their bucket of ice when the soiree begins. Fast forward a few hours, and the drinks are swimming in a watery mess. By placing your ice in a colander, and then filling with drinks, the ice will melt through the holes, and you will not be pulling out a dripping beverage at the end of the night.

Tip: Use the same trick for self-serve ice too! Simply fill a colander with ice and place it in a large tray. This ensures your guests’ drinks won’t get watered down.

3. Prevent Stains From Setting
If you spill something on your clothing and can’t get to a washing machine right away, rub an ice cube on the spot to keep it wet. If you keep the area moist, the stain shouldn’t set.


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4. Smooth Caulk Lines
When you are smoothing a caulk seam with your finger, it can get a little goopy. Make your calking look extra professional by using the corner of an ice cube to make that perfectly smooth seam every time.

5. Water Indoor Trees & Hanging Plants
Plants that are hanging or difficult to reach are often a chore to water. It can even be tricky to get to your holiday tree base to water it. Make your life a little easier by dropping a few ice cubes in your hard-to-reach plants and holiday tree base. The ice will slowly melt and water your greenery evenly.

Tip: This trick is also the perfect way to give most orchid varieties just the right amount of water.

6. Make Creamy Dressings
Impress friends and family with vinaigrette as smooth as the bottled variety. Simply place your ingredients in a jar with one ice cube, shake vigorously and serve.

7. Keep Sauces From Curdling
Simply add an ice cube to your pot of sauce that’s curdling or “breaking” and stir. In a few minutes, all signs of curdling should dissipate.

8. Remove Gum From Clothing
Gum can be a big mess to remove, but ice is the key to your rescue. Rub a piece of ice directly on the gum to make it harden. Then scrape the gum off with a spoon to avoid a sticky mess.

9. Soothe Plucked Eyebrows
Help ease the pain of plucking your eyebrows by using an ice cube. Immediately after plucking, rub an ice cube along your brow. The cold will help to close the follicle, reduce pain and minimize swelling.

Grace features her interior decorating work, her design inspiration and ideas, intuitive DIYs, and her own 1921 home renovation on her popular blog, A Storied Style. She is a happy wife and a mother to four children ages 5 years and under.

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