Ingredient of the Month: Cloves

Ingredient of the Month: Cloves

Get an in-depth look at this aromatic, fragrant spice that’s popular in exotic dishes.


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Why You’ll Love Cloves
Plucked from Indonesian evergreen tree before they mature, cloves are sun-dried, rust-brown blossoms shaped like tiny nails. Fragrant, fiery sweet and sultry, they lend a tasty tropical flavor to baked goods, Chai tea and savory dishes.

Where to Find Cloves
Look for whole or ground cloves in the spice aisle of your local grocery store. They’re highly perishable, so buy them in small amounts — some specialty stores and markets offer spices in bulk containers so you can purchase just what you need.

How & Where to Store Cloves
Keep spices in airtight containers out of direct sunlight and they’ll last up to six months. Before using, take a sniff to test for freshness. Hold the open container at chin height — if you can’t detect the aroma, your spice is past its prime.

How to Pair Cloves
Add ground cloves to baked goods like gingerbread and Chai tea cupcakes, or give a touch of spice to nuts with a classic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Season squash soup with a pinch, or sweeten tea with cloves and ginger-infused honey.

How to Prep & Recipe Idea
Grind whole cloves with a coffee grinder (1 teaspoon whole will yield 3/4 teaspoon ground). Or make your own mulling sachets with whole cloves and other spices to create a cozy sip for chilly weather.

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