Ingredient of the Month: Lemon

Ingredient of the Month: Lemon

Get an in-depth look at this sunny citrus fruit.

Why You’ll Love Lemon
This sunny-hued citrus fruit is bursting with big, bright flavor and a healthy dose of vitamin C. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice makes sweet and savory dishes taste positively fresh, while the colorful zest adds texture, fragrance and tang to foods.

How to Tell if Lemon is Fresh
Look for firm, smooth-skinned lemons with bright yellow coloring — the thinner the skin, the juicier the fruit. Green-tinged peel indicates under-ripeness, and dull lemons are past their prime. Store at room temperature for up to a week, or refrigerate for up to four.

Lemon Varieties

Bonnie Brae
: Oblong, smooth and seedless

Eureka: Common and available year-round

Lisbon: Bitter tasting with lots of juice

Meyer: Cross between a lemon and orange in taste, color and size

How to Pair Lemon
Use lemon juice to balance buttery sauces, oil-based vinaigrettes, marinades and to accent rice, tabbouleh, risotto and pasta dishes. For intense citrus flavor, add zest to cookie batters and custards, and sprinkle over roasted asparagus, green beans and beets.


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How to Prep & Recipe Idea
Roll between your hands to get the juices flowing. Zest first — a micro-plane grater works best — then juice.

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Lemon is also good for lighting darkness on your skin. ��

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