Ingredient of the Month: Pomegranate

Ingredient of the Month: Pomegranate

Learn everything you need to know about tart, delicious pomegranate.

Bursting with flavorful ruby-red seeds, pomegranates add sweet tartness to many delicious recipes. Here, an in-depth look.

Why You’ll Love Pomegranates
Inside of this colorful fruit are juicy seeds bursting with sweet flavor. Once you learn quick tips for cutting, de-seeding or juicing them, they’re a delicious way to add vitamins, fiber and antioxidants to everyday recipes.

How to Select & Store Pomegranates
Look for pomegranates that are heavy for their size, with tight, dark red skin and no signs of bruising. While best eaten within a few days, you can store them in the refrigerator for up to three months or freeze the seeds for up to one year in an airtight bag.

Tip : Fresh pomegranates are available in most supermarkets from August through December, but you can buy the juice year-round.


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How to Seed Pomegranates
Cut the fruit in half. Take one half and submerge in water. Gradually work the seeds out with your fingertips or a spoon. Repeat with the other half.

How to Juice Pomegranates
Whether you have a food mill, blender or citrus reamer, it’s easy to extract the jewel-toned juice from pomegranates:

  • Grind. Put the seeds in a food mill to create a fresh, pulp-free juice.
  • Blend. Pulse the seeds in a blender with short taps, then strain the juice.
  • Ream. Cut the fruit in half crosswise then squeeze and press in a circular motion with a citrus reamer. Strain the juice.

How to Pair Pomegranates
They’re great in jellies and sauces, or as toppings for salads and desserts. Use the seeds to add beautiful color to fresh greens or crisp tartness to relish.

How to Prep & Recipe Idea
Take out the seeds and use as-is, or juice them. For a delicious drink option, simmer pomegranate, orange and cranberry juice and pop in a spice sachet for a fruity mulled punch that’s perfect for chilly days.

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