Ingredient of the Month: Raspberries

Ingredient of the Month: Raspberries

Get an in-depth look at sweet, tart raspberries in this month’s featured ingredient.

Why You’ll Love Raspberries
Floral scented and sweet as honey — with tart undertones — these bite-sized berries practically melt in your mouth. At their peak from May to September, raspberries are ripe with sunny flavor, and bursting with antioxidants, vitamins C and K, and fiber.

How to Tell if Raspberries are Fresh
Look for plump, vibrant-hued berries, avoiding any containers full of crushed or sticky fruits. While ruby red-colored berries are the most common, some farmers’ markets also offer pink, black, purple and golden yellow raspberries.


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How & Where to Store Raspberries
Refrigerate single layers of unwashed raspberries in shallow, loosely covered dishes. Or, freeze and enjoy year-round: Gently rinse, drain and arrange on a baking sheet. Freeze overnight, then transfer to a freezer bag. A squeeze of lemon juice will help preserve their bright coloring.

How to Pair Raspberries
Try a refreshing salad of mixed greens, raspberries, avocado and mango. Instead of candy, satisfy your sweet tooth by stuffing the fruits with mini chocolate chips. And for a light and luscious breakfast, brunch or dessert dish, top peach halves with raspberries and honey-vanilla ricotta.

How to Prep & Recipe Idea
Wash and pat dry before use. Handle them gently, as they’re very delicate. Add fruity tang to drinksdressingsmustards desserts and more! Or, delight with a quick raspberry sorbet recipe.

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