Ingredient of the Month: Strawberries

Ingredient of the Month: Strawberries

Learn everything you need to know about this juicy, sweet and fragrant fruit.

Why You’ll Love Strawberries
Ripe for the picking from spring to early summer, these fragrant ruby fruits are sweet, juicy and oh-so-fresh. Beyond adding bright flavor, color and texture to foods, they deliver a great dose of antioxidants and vitamin C.

How to Tell if Strawberries are Fresh
Look for plump, shiny red strawberries with lush green caps and a sweet aroma; avoid any with bruises or yellow and green patches (a sign of under-ripeness). Don’t let size fool you — smaller fruits pack more flavor than their jumbo counterparts.

How and Where to Store Strawberries
Refrigerated in a sealed container between paper towels, they’ll stay fresh for 3 days to a week at most. To freeze, line a baking sheet with paper towels and spread with dry, unwashed berries; discard any that are spoiled. Place in the freezer and, once frozen, transfer to freezer bags.


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How to Pair Strawberries
Try strawberries with blue cheese, Gruyere, pecans, toasted hazelnuts and fresh mint. For an easy appetizer or snack, sweeten whipped cream cheese with honey, then pipe into whole fruits. Serve sliced berries over salads or on top of cheesecake, or grill and sandwich between shortbread for a strawberry shortcake treat! Plus, they’re not bad when they’re dipped in chocolate either.

How to Prep & Recipe Ideas
Wash berries, then pinch or cut off the hull (fuzzy green cap). Alternatively, pierce a plastic drinking straw through the center of the berry to remove the hull. Enjoy the flavors of fresh strawberries all year long by making our freezer jam recipe.

Tip: Enjoy a spin on classic strawberry shortcake recipe with Home Made Simple TV chef Jesse Brune’s toaster pastry version.

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