Ingredient of the Month: Watermelon

Ingredient of the Month: Watermelon

Get an in-depth look at this juicy, refreshing fruit as well as serving tips and recipes.


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Why You’ll Love Watermelon
Delicious and nutritious, watermelon has a subtly sweet flavor and juicy crunch. Because it’s made up of about 92 percent water, it’s naturally hydrating. Plus, it adds fresh flavor to chilled drinks, salads, salsas, soups and more.

Where to Find Watermelon
Look for watermelon at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. While red-fleshed varieties are the most popular, white and yellow-fleshed kinds are just as delicious. Or try a round, seedless watermelon, which is sweeter than the traditional, oval-shaped types that contain seeds.

How to Tell if Watermelon is Fresh
A ripe watermelon will be firm, evenly shaped, heavy for its size and will give a deep-pitched tone when slapped with an open palm. The underside, the spot that sat on the ground while the watermelon ripened in the sun, should be yellow. Avoid any that have dents, bruises or cuts.

How and Where to Store Watermelon
Place your watermelon, unwrapped, in the refrigerator and be sure to use it within two weeks. If you’ve already sliced or cubed your fruit, tightly wrap the pieces in plastic, then refrigerate to prevent the flesh from drying out. For the best flavor, eat pre-cut watermelon within 4 days.

How to Prep and De-seed Watermelon
Slice watermelon in half, then into quarters. Cut through the flesh along the seed line, then lift the watermelon flesh away from the rind. Scrape away the black and white seeds with a fork. Discard or roast the seeds for a tasty snack (or place it in seed tape and grow your own watermelon). Slice, cube or scoop watermelon into balls.

How to Pair Watermelon
To enhance watermelon flavor and bring out its natural sweetness, sprinkle it with salt. Or cool off on a hot day with a simple watermelon slushie. Just combine 1/2 cup ice with 2 cups watermelon cubes, then puree in a blender until smooth. For a sweet, fruity side, try a fresh watermelon salad, full of fresh herbs, cheese and nuts. For a savory dish, try a tuna, watermelon and arugula salad with avocado dressing.

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