Reinvent Leftovers Today and Save Money

Reinvent Leftovers Today and Save Money

Use these tips take advantage of leftovers and save you more money.

Author : Enriqueta L.

The amount of food that is wasted in most homes can be shocking. At my house, we reinvent leftover ingredients to prepare a meal the family finds just as delicious as the original.

This mentality is something I learned from my abuela who was known to never throw out food. My mother was also always creative when it came to making the most of ingredients. Not only does it help you save time in the kitchen, but you'll save plenty of money. The following, inspired by my grandmother and mother, are the budget-friendly things I do so leftovers aren't wasted.

1. Chicken or meat is delicious in empanadas or to fill arepas and tacos. All you have to do is shred the leftover pieces of meat and make a sofrito with onion and tomato, toss the meat with the sofrito and you have a delicious filling.

2. You can also use leftover pieces of chicken or meat in salads.

3. Fish is perfect to shred and make croquetas (croquettes.)

4. A common leftover on our table is rice, and rice can be reinvented just by serving it as a side to different meals. I like rice alongside a fresh summer salad of cucumber, parsley, and tomato, topped with a nice vinaigrette.


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5. Rice can also be enjoyed as a pudín salado by adding a little milk, beaten eggs, and grated cheese. Bake for a delicious dish.

6. And what should we do with vegetables from the night before? Chop them up into little pieces and mix them into eggs. Add some of your favorite fresh herbs and you're ready to cook a colorful omelet.

7. Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower can be transformed into a puree – and if you add just a little cheese, even better.

8. Beans and chickpeas are perfect for making soup, bean dip or hummus.

9. Don't throw away stale bread! You can use it to prepare a delicious chicken or beef soup by serving the toasted bread cubes atop each bowl of soup or stew.

10. Stale bread can also be used in bread pudding or in a yummy capirotada.

How do you reuse your leftovers?

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